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Honda Classics Restoration Services has a growing selection of New, NOS (New Old Stock), Quality Used and Restored Parts plus Literature and Workshop Tools for your pre-1990 Honda.


We carefully dismantle, clean, prepare, repair (if required) and re-paint metal items; polish and protect aluminium items, and re-plate brightwork parts. Some items are also offered as good quality serviceable used parts, after inspection. We have also started to reproduce some obsolete parts to original OEM specifications.  


We also offer new and used related literature of Manuals, Parts Lists, Handbooks (Owners Manuals) and Sales Brochures.


In addition, we feature a wide range of specialist Workshop Tools made to our specification for pre-1990 Honda bikes.


Since commencing this service in July 2012 we have dispatched over 10,000 items to customers across the UK and over 60 other countries worldwide.


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Restored Parts.


We source rare parts, restore them to as close to original condition, and finish as possible. We carefully dismantle, clean, prepare, repair (if required) and re-paint metal items, polish/protect aluminium parts, and re-plate brightwork parts. 


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NOS (New Old Stock) Honda Parts.


We offer a range of Genuine Honda NOS parts. Often rare items no longer available from Honda.


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Quality Used Parts.


After cleaning and inspection (and testing where required, such as electrical items) we offer a range of qulaity used original parts ready to use.


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Tools - Workshop


We have a growing range of new workshop tools specially produced in the UK to high quality standards. 


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Tools - Bike Toolkit


We offer a range of used original HM branded tools as issued in the toolkit with the motorycle when new. Some are offered as found and some are re-plated to look as-new as possible.


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Owners Manuals/Handbooks


We offer a wide range of original owners manuals (handbooks) as issued with the motorcycle when new. Condition varies but most are in good order.


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Workshop Manuals


From original Honda Motor Co publications to Haynes and Clymer we offer a range of workshop manuals. Some rare examples are now offered as quality re-produced publications.


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Parts Lists


Original copies and reproduced publications are offered to assist in seeking that rare part by original OEM part number. Detailed schematic drawings also help in the rebuild process. 


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Sales Brochures/Leaflets


Ideal for restoration research we offer a range of original Honda Motor Co. and Honda UK sales brochures.


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Honda Classics Restoration Services - Your on-line centre for pre 1990 Honda two-wheel information, parts and services.


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