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We offer restoration services for pre-1980 Honda motorcycles. We focus on restoring classic Honda's to as close as possible original factory specification and finish. Email us with details of your requirements at Contact Us and we will provide quotation and timings. Please provide a few photos as a guide.




For the home restorer, we offer this guide and tips document which you may find helpfull? Its free to download and/or print off...

The following are some of our past and current restoration projects...


Honda CBX, 1979

April 2015 - This stunning Honda Six was a joy to work on and bring back to 98% of its original specification! This CBX was purchased at one of Bonhams annual Auctions in early 2014 and we were commisisoned to remove all aftermarket parts (swingarm, exhaust, seat, etc) and return the bike to as close to its original specification plus a good spit & polish! These two photos show the finished product.

Honda CB92 Benly Super Sport, 1962

December 2015 - This rare iconic 125cc twin was found in a Surrey barn during 2013. We have undertaken a full nut & bolt restoration on behalf of David Silver Spares and the finished bike is now on dsiplay in their new Honda museum! These photos show how the CB92 arrived with us and how the project progressed.

Honda CB750-K3, 1973

March 2016 - Having been under a canvas cover in a front garden of a North London home for over 8 years this K3 example has come to us for part restoration and re-commissioning on behalf of its owner who is keen to re-commence its use for daily London commuting. From what started as basic cosmetic improvements we went further in the interests of maintaining one of these iconic models in fine presentation. The 750 is now back in daily use and below are photos of the before and after. 

Honda CBX-Z, 1979

March 2016 - A very tired and somewhat neglected and poorly serviced six-cylinder CBX with extensive aftermarket parts has come to us for a full restoration and return to factory specification and finish for its owner. All the aftermarket parts have since been removed and sold raising funds towards the restoration work. The project is in progress with the tank and panels having been fully restored by Dream Machine and the chassis and related components being returned to its former black finish. 

November 2017 - After some time! This CBX is finally back to its original specification. It was a challenging task as many original parts had to be sourced in best possible condition and the engine had suffered from a tough life suffering from eight different oil leaks with the crankcases needing some specialist alloy repair. Having managed to find an original Sankei exhaust system the next test was to get its rust holes repaired then the entire system re-chromed. The result, road tested, given a new MOT and now standing proud in its beautiful original candy glory red colour scheme.   

Honda C50LA Engine, 1982

November 2015 - This engine was delivered to us in poor condition and has undergone a full restoration/rebuild as a spare for its owners daily commuter!

Honda CB500-K1 Four, 1972

2017/2018 - We have restored one of these all time greats for its proud owner. A fine example of quality early 1970s Honda engineering. A 90% restoration with frame & black cycle parts completely cleaned and repainted, tank and panels repainted by Dream Machine, engine dismantled to bottom-end level, checked, cleaned, painted and rebuilt with new components, carburettors fully overhauled, wheels restored and a previously fitted rear disc brake conversion removed and returned to original drum-brake specification. Below images show the before and after.

Honda CB400F Four, 1970s x 2!

June 2017 - We have been commisioned by a local client to build two of the iconic 1970s CB400F's from used and new parts. One in the original Light Ruby Red and one in the original Varnish Blue. From our extensive stock of used parts these two bikes will be built to as close to original factory specification as possible. The Red one has now been completed, on with the Blue one...

Honda Benly JC57, 1957

September 2017 - Just arrived is this very rare late 1950s JC57 Benly. We have taken on the challenge to fully restore this interesting model during 2018 on behalf of David Silver for his collection. This bike was recently found in the USA and as the JC57 was only originally sold in Japan (with some possibly exported at the time to neighbouring Islands) it is beilved a serving in Japan, in the late 1950s, American GI purchased the bike for local use then took it back to the USA! Watch this space for update photos.     

Making progress...

Honda CB400F2, 1997

August 2018 - A Honda enthusiast from Birmingham asked us to fully restore his 1977 CB400F2 he has owned from new. Fitted with aftermarket engine bars and rear carrier but otherwise standard and original, this CB400F2 was fully dismantled to its last nut and bolt and carefully restored to its original specication. Now completed and returned to its owner. These photos show the CB400F2 before and after...

Honda CZ100 Monkey, 1964

September 2018 - A model we have been looking forward to restoring has now arrived in our workshop. Delivered partly dismantled, the frame and other red parts are currently with our painters and chrome parts etc. with our platers. Meanwhile, we have started on the engine unit and the serach for missing parts!

April 2019 - All finished!

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