Gallery of Significant Honda Models

A gallery of some of the most significant Honda models in chronological launch/production year order. 

A-type. 1947


1-cylinder, 2-cycle, 50cc engine for bolt-on bicycle installation.


Honda's first ever product on the market.

B-type. 1948


1-cylinder, 2-cycle, 90cc, three-wheel utility motorcycle.


Little is known about the B-type. It is understood that only a few prototypes were produced then discontinued before production. 

C-type. 1948


1-cylinder, 2-cycle, 96cc.


Honda's first complete motorcycle product.

Dream D-type. 1949


1-cylinder, 2-cycle, 98cc, 2.3 PS, 2-speed.


Honda's first complete own manufactured frame and engine motorcycle and first Honda to be named 'DREAM'


Dream E-type. 1951


1-cylinder, 4-cycle, 146cc.


Honda's first 4-cycle product.

Benly J-type. 1953


1-cylinder, 4-cycle, 90cc.


First Honda to be named 'BENLY' (meaning convienent).

Juno K-type. 1954


1-cylinder, 4-cycle, 200cc.


Honda's first scooter.

C100 Super Cub. 1958


1-Cylinder, 4-cycle, 50cc


The start of something very special for Honda as this step-thru design model has now seen over 100 million units produced since 1958. Sold in over 160 countries, this Honda model became the world's most produced automotive product!

Dream CB72. 1960


2-cylinder, 4-cycle, 250cc


One of the first Honda (and first Japanese) motorcycles to be formerly sold in Europe, including the UK. First came the C72 in early 1960 quickly follwed in the same year by this sports version with many easily converted to a competitive racer.

Z100 (Monkey Bike). 1961


1-cylinder, 4-cycle, 50cc.


The first of the famous Honda range of Monkey Bikes.

Dream CB450. 1965


2-cylinder, 4-cycle, 450cc.


Honda's first large capacity motorcycle. Known as the Black Bomber.

Dream CB750. 1969


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 750cc.


Honda's first 4-cylinder motorcycle. Launched at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show this mighty superbike quickly establshed the reference 'King of the Superbikes' and was to set Honda's dominence in world motorcycle production. The front disc-brake was a world first on motorcycles.  

Dream CB350F. 1972


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 350cc


World's smallest multi cylinder production motorcycle. Predecessor to the 1974 CB400F. 




GL1000 Gold Wing. 1974


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 1000cc


Honda's first liquid-cooled motorcycle engine. Originally produced in Japan but all GL production later transfered to the companies USA Ohio plant. 

CX500. 1977


V-twin, 4-cycle, 500cc 


Honda's first V-twin motorcycle. Liquid cooling, shaft drive, modular wheels, attention to reduced emissions and many other innovative features.


CBX. 1978


6-cylinder, 4-cycle, 1047cc, DOHC, 24-valve, air-cooled, 6-carburettors


Honda's stunning six-cylinder superbike that, whilst not the first production six, highlited Honda's exciting engineering and design capability.   

CX500 Turbo. 1981

VF750S. 1981

VF1000R. 1983

VFR750F. 1986

VFR750R (RC30). 1987

NR. 1992


Oval-Piston, 4-cycle, 750cc


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