Racing Honda's

A collection of significant works Honda racing machines from the past.

RC142, 1959.


2-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 125cc


The first Honda racing machine to appear on the IOM and as entered into the 1959 TT races. Finished 6th.  (Shown without race fairing)

RC160, 1959.


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 250cc


Honda's first DOHC Four. Winner of the 1959 All-Japan Motorcycle Endurance Race held at Mt. Asama. Rider: No.163 Sadao Shimazaki

RC163, 1962.


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 250cc


Winner of all nine races in the 250cc class in the 1962 World Championship series. West German GP winner. Rider: No.101 Jim Redman

RC112, 1962.


2-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 50cc


World's first 50cc road racer powered by a 4-stroke 2-cylinder DOHC engine. Ridden to victory at the first All-Japan Road Race at Suzuka. Rider No.11 Tommy Robb.

CR93 Benly Racer. 1962.


2-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 125cc


Production racer designed to GP standards for Clubman racing. Finished third in the 1962 Isle of Man 125 TT Race.

RC166, 1966.


6-cylinder, 4-cycle, DOHC, 24-valve, 7-speed, 249cc.


The world famous Honda-six that captured the 250cc World Championships for two consecutive years, plus Isle of Man TT winner with Mike Hailwood. 

CB750 Racer. 1970


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, SOHC, 750cc.


Winner of the 1970 Daytona 200 Mile Race with rider Dick Man.

RCB1000. 1976


4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 1000cc


1976 Bol d'Or 24-Hour Winner and 1976 European Endurance Champions with 7 wins out of 8 races. Riders No.5: Jean Claude Chemarin/Alex George.

NR500. 1979


Oval Piston, 4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 500cc


An innovative racing project to try and compete with 4-stroke technology, Honda's main production motorcycle basis, against competitors 2-stroke racers.   

NS500. 1982


3-cylinder, 2-cycle, 500cc


Honda's first liquid-cooled 500cc road racer. Winner of the Belgian and San Marino GPs in 1982. Rider No.40: Freddie Spencer.

NSR500. 1984


4-cylinder, 2-cycle, 500cc


The greatest GP machine of all time. Winner of 10 500cc World Championships and over 100 races.

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